Character requests for LWF - yes, I will take them!

I love making other people happy, so I will add characters to LWF if somebody so desires.

- I must be able to obtain suitable graphics of the desired character. I'm not picky and am not overly worried about copyright, but they must at least be usable.   what I can use:

    -MMD models as long as they are character-accurate, humanoid, and functional. I can't animate quadropeds in MMD.
    - Desktop ponies
    - Mugen characters, depending on what animations they have
    - stuff from the spriters resource
    - stuff from games I am able to extract/decompile
    - whatever else possible at my discretion

- If usable graphics are not obtainable for free, I can commission custom art of the character. But if it's not a character I wanted to add anyway, you must pay commission costs, and they are expensive. If you want this please find a way to contact me privately and I will give you my email address for paypal and we can discuss the details.

- Characters from mature source material are allowed, but LWF itself must not contain mature content (Prefer to try and keep an E10+ rating or better).

- I reserve the right to stop taking requests if I get overwhelmed.

- I reserve the right to not do your request in general as my life and these rules aren’t set in stone. Unless you’re serious enough that you pay for something, then it’s only fair that you get what you paid for. Otherwise I'll do my best to be reasonable.

- Please don't make drama or be a jerk.

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Since I'm gonna be putting in pretty much every dollar I get in the near future to further backing Onirism on kickstarter, I won't be commissioning any new characters for LWF for a good while. This means no more requests unless they're free AND I have the mental energy, sorry.

Blaze and just about any other Sonic character would be great but mostly Blaze.

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ok thanks we'll see. Low priority though. And also I have a tendency to stay away from popular video game characters that have many unique signature abilities (ie sonic, knuckles, tails, etc) since I feel funny about the idea of not doing them justice and my programming skill being unable to stay true to the source material. Lilac was kinda a stretch already. Thanks though, I appreciate all suggestions and interest in my games nonetheless and will still consider all of it. ♥