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Play as Hikaru the Precure and fight evil world leaders, other politicians and oppressive authority figures!
I figured a flying space shooter game like this was perfect for Hikaru. Except for one thing - most of them involve shooting aliens, but Hikaru loves aliens!
Although I imagine there might be other ways to do it, I thought instead, why not shoot up bigoted earthlings who would hurt her alien friends (or hurt others on Earth, too)? There's plenty of them out there!
All to the standards of "we don't kill our enemies, we just undiscord them", of course!
As well as to the standards of, this game involves using one's imagination, so things don't have to make perfect sense.

Custom graphics in original size (larger than in game) can be found here: http://biancagames.com/graphics2.htm


Hikaru.zip 144 MB
Hikaru.capx 93 MB

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