A downloadable game for Windows

This is a fan game platformer loosely based on the story of Kira Kira Precure ala Mode. Play as Cure Macaron, collect macarons and have canon boss fights against the villains. Obtain new abilities and then come back to old levels for secrets such as health upgrades. Cat girl Unlovely is an alternate playable character.

This game is currently in development, so it's a demo.

Current version has 2 solid worlds, each with 4 regular stages and a stand alone boss fight (8 stages and 2 bosses total).

Update: Currently “on hold”.  Chance of minor changes/fixes, but no major work is being done on this right now. Kinda burned out from it and would prefer to focus on other projects.

Custom graphics in original size (larger than in game) can be found here: http://biancagames.com/graphics.htm


Macaron.zip 110 MB
Macaron.capx 53 MB

Development log